Friday, March 27, 2015

Groktimus Primal's - Paleo Downturn

I've noticed people backing away from Paleo these days. Dean Dwyer has announced the end of his Being Primal blog and Richard Nikoley doesn't seem to make Paleo posts all that often anymore either (it's not just them). I like these people but I do think if your hearts not in it or you're just trying to attract sponsors (I'm not saying anyone is) it's best to leave it alone. There are very few Mark Sissons and making a business out of what you love is more difficult than it looks and even Mark doesn't go it alone anymore. Admittedly my blog is pretty pathetic but it's as much for me as anyone else and I never expect many to read it let alone make anything from it.

I'm also one of those diehards who still say a little prayer to Dr. Atkins every night. Maybe Jimmy Moore overhears it :) While Paleo is way more than a diet, unfortunately Robb Wolf is correct (as usual) when he points out that it falls short of a religion and people probably get bored with it even though it often works wonders.It might be just as well if the boom is over because it was getting a bit ridiculous on occasion with all the "Me too" folks and sad products and services. At least those that are left will be serious about it.



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